Power feed on a Hardinge UM

Halleluiah, I finally got a power feed on the X axis of my UM. I looked and
looked but could not find a factory power feed. I gave up and spent $200 on
a Chinese Servo knock-off. Adapting it to the Hardinge was a matter of
making a shaft extension, adding two needle thrust bearings to the unit and
hacking of the excess material on the table end casting that came with the
power feed. Oh joy, oh joy, no more cranking! A DRO is next.
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Tom Wait
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"Tom Wait" wrote in news:Ep98g.75028$ snipped-for-privacy@newssvr13.news.prodigy.com:
Interesting, how about a couple pictures to the RCM Drop box and a text file explaining more or less what you did. I have a TM with the factory table feed, but I think changing belts is going to be inconvenient. I think a traditional table feed would work much better. A smaller Servo would be great.....
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Marty Escarcega
I thought about taking pics as I was doing it. Alas, my digital camera took a bath in a cooler full of ice water a while ago and never recovered. I will have to remove the power feed in the future to touch up the casting. When I do, I can shoot some stills with my digital cam-corder, but the picture quality isn't much. I'll post something then. The power feed unit does look kinda big on the end of the table, a smaller one would look nicer. I bought the Asong unit from a seller on Ebay. It's the 135 inch-pound version. It has plenty of torque. Tom
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Tom Wait

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