Harrison lathe Milling arbor

Hi there,
Could anybody please help me figure out what kind
of arbor I need to perform horizontal milling operations in my Harrison
lathe? I have boring table, vertical slide, dividing head etc, but I
no arbor for mounting the cutter tooling. I've only recently got the
table and v.slide
and I have no experience with milling at all, but I want to at least
have the capability
to some extent with my lathe. Can anybody help with what type, length
etc etc
and where such an arbor can be got?
Thanks very much,
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You need a mill holder with a drawbar to fit your spindle taper, and a drawbar to suit.
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Rex B
CHeers, but I'm still a bit confused, maybe it's my lack of familiarity with the terminology, but the tailstock is M3 and the headstock nose is threaded. Is the millholder not the same as the drawbar?
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Most spindles are threaded on the outside,, and have a Morse taper on the inside. I bet yours is MT5 in the spindle.
No. The millholder is about 6 inches long, and one end is tapered to match the spindle. The small end of that tape points to the left, and is threaded for the drawbar. The right end of the mill holder is bore to a common size - 1/2", 3/8" - to take the milling cutter, which is held in place with a set screw.
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The drawbar is simply a threaded rod, with a nut or handwheel on the other end of the spindle to tighten the assembly so the endmill holder is drawn tightly into the taper.
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Maybe someone else can find a How-To link
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Rex B
You might want to get yourself a setup that can handle regular collets. It would also let you turn stock holding it in various sized collets.
I don't recall the swing on an L5 but 4C or 5C collets should work.
There are a number of possible set ups. The least expensive, but still not cheap, is to use collets, a collar and a draw bar.
To clarify a little more, the milling cutter fits into the collet. The collet fits into the collar. The collar fits into the spindle. And the draw bar tightens everything by pulling from the other end of the spindle.
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I'm in the middle of doing the exact same thing as you in canada.
there should be a headstock taper as well like Mt3 or Mt4
there are end mill holders with the right taper to be purchased (Bought one yesterday)
you buy an end mill holder then fabricate a drawbar
the drawbar exerts force to hold the end mill holder in place in the headstock
I'm now trying to figure out how to fabricate an effective drawbar for the end mill holder i have
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