Harrison 12" L6 Lathe replacement?

We have a Harrison 12" L6 lathe that we have owned since new (circa
1966). Recently a co-op student from a local engineering school was
allowed to use the lathe while making some prototype hardware and it
appears that the carriage ran into the work/chuck/end stop with the
result of bending the rack pinion and shaft along with breaking the boss
on the back side of the apron. We have found a source for the rack
pinion and bushing but the apron doesn't seem to be available. My
questions are:
1) Does anyone know a source for a new/used apron for this lathe?
2) We feel that we can make a new boss and have it oven brazed to the
apron, rebore the pinion shaft mounting holes and have a lathe pretty
much like the old lathe (somewhat tired). Does anyone see anything
objectionable to this solution?
3) Now comes the kicker. I know this subject has probably come up so
many times that you all are probably sick of it but being a jerk has
never stopped me before so here goes. If we do all of the above we'll
spend a fair amount of money and engineering time (also money) we don't
have technicians only engineers. This is not a production house,
Hardinge quality would be wasted on us, duty cycle is about 4 hours/week
on average and the users will be mostly engineers (you know what that
means). What inexpensive lathe in the 9"-12" x 24"-36" is out there?
How good or bad are the lathes sold by Grizzley et al? We have
considerable tooling for the old Harrison including Buck chucks, 5-c
collets, closer and a myriad of chucks, live centers, tool holders,
etc. We don't want to rebuy all this stuff so is there a solution?
OK go ahead and tell me where I'm being stupid (nomex pants donned)
Gary Thomas
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Gary Thomas
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The lathe you own is an order of magnitude better than a new grizzly. As to buying used, you know what needs fixing on the one you got - you'll have to find out on the one you buy. My humble opinion - repair it - the machine is not wore out with that light a usage.
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Karl Townsend
REM in Connecticut is the Harrison USA distributor. Try them. All Harrison Lathes are built solid. I have a VS330TR.
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I think that lathe has a LO0 spindle. It would be helpful if you mentioned what the spindle nose was. I have a couple of Clausing 12" that would replace it directly. Not quite the quality of the Harrison but then again not that far below it. If you want Harrison quality I have an M300 with tracer and an A-A, both 13" that would give you another 20 years, or more of service. Leigh at MarMachine
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Leigh Knudson
That's the present rate of use. We once had a production line before that part of the business was spun off.
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Gary Thomas
We have
It has an L00 spindle
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Gary Thomas
Gary: I would be interested in knowing what your final decision was on the Harrison lathe. Please email me at snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com If you ended up with some assesories left over that you would like to sell I may be interested. thank you, Brad Morgan
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