Have the CBS heads gone mad?

As if CBS didn't have enough troubles with their own experts backing out on them, they are receiving classified documents.

Just a few minutes ago, Dan Rather says CBS has in its possession a classified intelligence report on Iraq. And proceeded to report the contents of that document. Yes, freedom of the press can go too far.

Where did they get the document? Someone should be prosecuted for this.

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Andy Asberry
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Last time I heard it was a felony.

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Jim Stewart

They got it from the NY Times.

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Glenn Ashmore

Absolutely. Right after they prosecute that asshole who outed Valerie Plame.

String 'em all up high.


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jim rozen

Just because something IS classified, doesn't mean it SHOULD be. [And just because it isn't doesn't mean it shouldn't be either] jk

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Think Pentagon Papers. Rather and other muck rakers use this fairly often.

Rather is trying desperately to regain some veracity after the Memo cluster f*ck. Dont be surprised if he drags out the classified sections of the Warren Report in desperation.

What did the paper say?


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I missed that. Did he mention the classification level, or only claim that it was classified?

If the document was officially classifed, say Secret or higher, was clearly marked or known by Mr. Rather to classified and was intentionally disclosed, as appears might be the case, he could be charged with a felony offense. As could anyone in the chain of events that knowingly lead to his exposure of the information.

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Jim Levie

Nazi: The papers say that you have been well treated here. Now, sign zee papers, old man.

Old Man: I cannot sign the papers.


Old Man: Because you have broken both of my hands.

(Sorry...had an old Cheech and Chong flash back)

As to the metal content of my post...er...ummm...the pen had a metal tip on it!!

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Really? I thought those officials who handled classified material got security clearances which allowed them to access the material and to go to jail if they mishandled them. But I have to assume Dan Rather doesn't have a security clearance, so he can do whatever he wants with the classified information that someone else gave him. It is the person who gave him the material that should go to jail.

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Not so AL -

Granted only those who are classified to a certain grade can read or decipher to that level. Above that, it requires a higher grade.

How he got it was through a spy or Congress person that is a Jerk and Felon or a Military / Government person that performed a felony.

Classified material is well marked and is well known that it must be held secret and turned over to the FBI. There are very strict laws.

It takes someone with a backbone to jail Rather and those handling it without turning it in.

Many of us have lived under these rules and laws in a direct basis, the indirect basis is common law created by Congress at the request of the FBI and others during the cold war. Secrets are secrets.

Mart> Really? I thought those officials who handled classified material got

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Martin H. Eastburn

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