HD won't rent their drop-deck trailer

Boo hoo hoo. One of the Home Depots near me rents small bobcats,
excavators, ditchwitches, etc. and has various trailers to allow people to
haul them away. They had some really nice drop-deck trailers made by JLG.
These have decks that can lower all the way to the ground via hydraulics,
and also have large D-ring tiedowns. The store also had some regular bobcat
trailers, but these had large angle steel around the sides, numerous giant
D-rings welded to these angles, and wood blanks recessed below the angles,
in the middle. Any of these would be perfect for hauling a Bridgeport or
other HSM sized machinery.
I only recently started paying attention to trailers and this evening went
and talked to the rental associates. Unfortunately they said these could
not be rented individually, but were only for people who rented the
construction equipment. Just like their nice pickups with commercial (side
accessible) beds were only for customers hauling purchases made at the
If only this equipment was available for rent for $19/hour. Too bad.
(sniff, wimper).
This was the first time I saw a drop deck trailer in person. They were
about the size of typical landscape trailer. Much smaller than a car
hauler. But they were very beefy and had numerous D ring tiedowns. And
obviously the drop deck would make loading and unloading a breeze.
Incidentally, while searching on the web for more information, I discovered
that Sam's Club (online) sells JLG drop deck trailers. Just put "JLG
trailer" in the search field. But brace yourself for the price.
Biljax and a few others also make them.
Also this was the first time I saw a real bobcat trailer with numerous giant
D-ring tiedowns.
All the rental shops in my area have wimpy bobcat trailers with wood blanks
flush with the steel sides, no D-rings and a few flimsy stake pockets. Just
like this one:
formatting link

I never understood how you could tie down the bobcat securely. You could
put chains around the front rail but that would only prevent the bobcat from
sliding backward if you decided to floor it at the stoplight (and who would
do that). But how are you supposed to prevent the bobcat from sliding
forward if you have to slam on the brakes? Are you really supposed to take
a grade 70 or higher chain and a ratcheting load binder and anchor it to a
1/4" thick stake pocket that was tack welded in place?
These rental shops also have wimpy pickups with factory beds (unsuitable for
tying down machinery) and wimpy U-haul style trucks with slippery wood beds
and tiny little hook latches on the sides.
I guess I'll have to keep looking.
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I forgot to add that I've been drooling over item 4611820548 on ebay too (but can't seem to link it).
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Talk with the store manager or contact other stores in your area. Here in Holiday, Fl. they just started offering the drop deck trailers for hourly and daily rent. So keep pestering them.
Jim Vrzal Holiday,Fl.
AL wrote:
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