Heavy duty drawer slides ?

Does anyone have a source for heavy duty, fully extendable drawer slides? They must hold 450-500lbs. I am working on an enclosed trailer for someone and they want to mount a toolbox on a shelf and have it slide out so they can open the lid. I have seen fire trucks with compartments that have slide out trash pumps, generators etc.. I just cant find any heavy duty enough, Thanks, Craig

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Craig Suslosky
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On 27 Apr 2004 10:38:19 -0700, snipped-for-privacy@novocon.net (Craig Suslosky) brought forth from the murky depths:

Accuride has some heavy-duty rated slides. Up to 60", up to 500 lbs.

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Not cheap, but very, very well made. Find distributors from the link on the website. I recently made an inquiry there and the regional rep sent me a free pair of the 3832 slides I thought I'd be using.

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Larry Jaques

These are made for electronic gear in relay racks.

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Richard J Kinch

---------------------------------------------------- Just remember to put a super heavy automatic lock on the slide to keep the

500 lbs of tool box from flying out when the truck goes around a corner.

Donald Warner

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200 lb full-extension slides are fairly common and affordable. There is some chance it would cost less to double or triple them up (if you have the height available) to get the capacity.

If it was up to me, I'd lose the toolbox and just build individual drawers with an appropriate cover panel.

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Bob Powell

On the subject of slides, does anyone watch "Overhaulin".

They did a kids pickup and put a full bed slide-out tray inside of a diamond plate full-bed tool box. Does anyone know how those slides are built?

Since I became partially disabled, I have a b**ch of a time getting things in and out of my truck. I would put a corner hoist on if I didn't need my canopy so bad.

I have a lift to get things up bed high, now I need a way to get it in and out of the bed from front to back.

TIA, hatter

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