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I am looking for a small heavy block of metal for a kid's science project. Something that is maybe 1x2x4 inches in size. The size isn't critical as long as it is not too big. It would be nice if one narrow and one wide side had the same surface finish. I was hoping that someone in Houston might have a scrap that fits this description.


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Rose metal on Taylor has a bunch of scap that might work for you.....

Thier address is 2001 Taylor ( 1 block South of I10 ) Ph 713-880-7088

The yard has a bunch of tube pipe stuff, but if you look on the racks by the office, you just might find something that will work.

Let me know if you need it cut to size, I am in Katy.

P.S. The people there are NOT friendly and act like you are a nuisance, but they have an assortment of stuff, so grin and bare it. There is an older fellow there (Bill I think) on Saturdays, who is friendly, but he was not there last time I went.

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James F. Newell

Would a machinist's 1-2-3 block work? You can buy the import sets for quite low prices, and the surfaces are quite flat and evenly this pair currently on eBay:

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Lemee see...Because you asked for constant surface finish and it's a kid's project I'll make a WAG that maybe it has something to do with studying sliding friction? If that's it, maybe you could jazz it up by making the kid(s) come up with the correct surface areas by subtracting the hole's areas from the rectangle's areas?



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Jeff Wisnia

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