Which hand-held cutoff wheel motor should I buy?

OK, I need some opinions please. I notice on all these motorcycle building shows that they do I lot of cutting with a cutoff wheel mounted on an air grinder. I have a cheapo air power Harbor Freight grinder with a 3" wheel, but it does not have anywhere near the same power that these guys are using. Willing to buy a more expensive model, but which one? Do I need air or electric? 3" or 6"? Thanks for any suggestions, Chief

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Chief McGee
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Alot of that stuff you see, is state of art metal working tools.

Unlikely the average Joe could afford it.

I notice a metal cutoff they are using. The handle for it looks about 3 feet long. You just pull down on the handle and slice through anything like bread. Seems like the wheel has carbide (lathe bit like) cutter, that did the slicing. Only got a brief glimpse of the wheel before they cut to another scene.

My 4inch hand held is a craftmans. Had it for 10 years. Good for tube, cracking up welds, etc.

My chop saw is a 14 inch I got it at harbor freight. Only had the mount break, the part that the motor sticks into, so it goes down on the work, held in the vice. I repaied it. The one I bought even came with an extra set of motor brushes. Used this for about 4 years now.


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