Help me decide the best route for power to my building

I am finished with the interrior wiring and trying to figure out the best, most cost effective, and easiest way to route power from my attached garage sub panel to a 100 amp sub panel in my detached garage. I made a few videos becaue I am not good at explaining in type what exactly is going on. I really appreciate any constructive help!

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Neat solution:- Drive a mole or directional drill under the drive (where the pickup truck is) and go directly to the panel. If you do it yourself, you'll need a 2" scaffold pole with a turned nose to fit the front end, plus enough of a trench in the grass to lay the pole in while driving it with a demolition hammer. If you sub it out to a directional drilling contractor, just tell them the start and finish points and step back.

Quicker and probably cheaper solution would be to cut a trench right through the drive, taking care past the gas line, and replace the concrete/tarmacaddam afterwards.

PS. Next time lay the utilities first. DAMHIKT :-(

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