Help wiring Welder to Generator

Hi I have a 220 volt welder that has a 3 prong "dryer" plug, I need to wire it to a 4 prong locking NEMA plug that goes into a generator. What I got so far was the 2 prongs go to the 2 120 volt outputs. It does not matter which goes to which even though the dryer plug's prongs are a different size?

Also, the pin of the dryer plug is that supposed to be connected to the Neutral or the Ground of the 4 prong locker?

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is a pic of the connectors.

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Donald A. Rothfuss

The twist lock on the generator is either a 14L20 or 14L30. It has 2 hots a ground and neutral. The dryer plug if it is 3 pronged only has the 2 hots and a ground.

All you need are the 2 hots and the ground.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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