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Heads up! Modern Marvels is doing machine tools tonight.

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Glenn Ashmore
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YEP - Watching - and thanks - into glue now!

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JR North

I caught one mistake. They said that boring cannons was used next to make bigger pistons for the steam engine instead of bigger cylinders.

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There were at least 2 more. I didn't catch that one. They showed an animated graphics of a vertical mill while explaining how a grinder worked. I can't remember the other one.

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Jim Stewart

They talked about America manufacturing weapons for WWII and showed a picture of soviet women making pp 40 submachineguns. History channel has shallow magazine type coverage of many subjects and is full of mistakes which tells me they are pumping out this programming without consulting subject matter experts. They use the same footage of bombs falling on an orchard for every WWII theater of war they discuss. They had one episode on tales of the gun called "the Magnum" which was an insult. It read like a bad 7th grade research paper. The shame is that these are subjects which are of interest, for which the information is available, and which deserve better treatment. Paul

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to me, Hist.ch. is like Consumer Reports, really lousy, but i still need it, it's the only source for some information and you have to take it all w/salt...., ymmv. --LOren

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Loren Coe

I had a professor who specialized in science history, she wanted to shoot up her TV when she saw one of the HC shows.

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Overall it's still fun to watch. I make a game of it, catching the mistakes. Last night they had a show about the Big Dig in Boston. They said one of the river tunnel sections weighed 51,000 pounds. I laughed, I think they meant 51,000 tons! Don't know how that one got past the narrator.

But it really makes you wonder what is being said to you on subjects that you don't know about........


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John Flanagan

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