Homebrew PTC heated diesel fuel filter ?

I am trying to make a budget heater setup to heat the filter separator
my old truck and use a dieslel + VO mix ( I would like to get the
temp up to about 140-150 degrees F . I was thinking about using a
PTC heater unit canabalized from one of those portable 12v car heaters
( see -
formatting link
). Anyone here build something like this or have any tips ? -thanks
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I have used one of those heaters and they don't heat very well. The do make 12 volt fuel line heaters though for diesel rigs. I have seen them on Ebay before. You would be better off to properly clean the WVO and it will work just like regular diesel.
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Richard W.
I guess I will have to try a different souce for a PTC filter heater . I thinkI that I am on the right track using a PTC heater since it is self regulating.
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My International 9200 Class 8 truck has a FuelPro system in it. It is a largish cannister next to the 60-Series Detroit engine with a clear plastic top section which houses a filter, and a bottom section with a water drain, and electric fuel heater. It has it's own thermostat in there so it won't overheat the fuel. Maybe you could find a system like this in a big truck junkyard? Detriot Diesel sells them as a (about) $800 option. I bought my truck used and it was already there so I don't know for sure what it's worth. It is said once you have one of those systems you can pretty much run any garbage fuel you want at any tempereature. I still run good winter fuel.
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Jason Marshall

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