How do you get a keensert out?

There's a bin with some aluminum cutoffs with hard steel bushings and
Keenserts inserts in them. I can just press out the bushings, but is
there a less wasteful way of getting the keenserts out without breaking
too much stuff, or should I just go ahead and press them out, and to
heck with the aluminum that gets entrained in the threads?
It's for recycling, and I have lots of spare time here, so "how long
it takes" isn't a consideration, but there is no budget for new tools.
Meanwhile, the PHB is shopping around for a scrapper who will take
aluminum with all that crap in it - I figure I can make his job a
little easier - take out the steel and whatever keenserts are made
of, and get full scrap price for the aluminum. :-)
(and maybe save the bushings in the "misc. hard steel" bin. ;-))
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Rich Grise
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You take keenserts out with a drill, punch and ezout tool..
formatting link
look at the last page of the pdf.
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I'll have to check on the EZout, but otherwise, I'm all set. >:->
Thanks! Rich
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Rich Grise
Left hand drill bits. If they come out, good. If not you drill them out. BIG difference in scrap price from "dirty" to "clean"
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2nd this route. BTW, I HATE EASY OUTS. Damn things normally just expand your part and then break off in it. Then you are FUBAR
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Karl Townsend
+1. Bloody things.
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