How I did it: Removing Jacobs chuck from drill press

I had a lot of good comments with suggestions on how to remove the Jacobs chuck with the 33 Jacobs taper from my drill press. I waited until I had a replacement, then this is what I did:

I found a 12" Craftsman adjustable wrench in my drawer. I closed the jaws down so that they were a loose fit on the shaft above the chuck. At that point, I noticed that the jaws were TAPERED! So.... I got a mallet, and tapped the handle end, and the taper on the jaws popped the chuck right off!

I now have the new chuck on, and did no damage to the drill press.

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It's nice when things work out like that isn't it?

I was tempted to say, "No amount of careful planning can ever equal be better than dumb luck", but the last time I used that line the recipient got offended. A thin skinned bugger he was, he probably sleeps on sandpaper sheets.

I take it the gap between the back of the chuck and the bottom of the spindle was "just right" to let you do that, huh?

Now, let's watch things work out that well for the Red Sox!


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