how to make motorcycle mudguards

does anyone here have knowledge, articles, experience, etc to cover how
metal motorcycle mudguards are made?
I suspect it involves a number of matched former rollers in a frame
which allows the roller pairs to be adjusted much like the rollers in a
The guards we're interested in are standard C section guards in metal
which are shaped into a circular shape for at least 270 degrees.
If anyone has any information (links, article references, etc) which can
help us make up a machine to make some guards, please help since the
"local" guy who used to make them for the restoration hobbyists is so
overworked that deadlines are being dropped.
Thanks in Advance
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Des Bromilow
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Des, I think you want to google up "english wheel".
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?v=jLhUG7uipMo&feature=related -- Life is full of little surprises. --Pandora
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Larry Jaques
Maybe this "'local' guy" "[has] the knowledge..."; why haven't you asked him?
Good Luck! Rich
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Rich Grise
I think the parts you're referring to are commonly known throughout much of the rest of the world, as fenders.
I think you may have better luck finding sources, techniques etc, by searching for them with terms such as: motorcycle fender fabrication or forming.. and possibly the word custom.
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There's more than one way to skin that cat. I've just got book learning, so I'm not going to bloviate too much -- but if you read this book, you can bloviate from the same knowledge base as me:
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It's "Sheet Metal Handbook" by Ron Fournier, published by HP books. Using an english wheel is one of the methods that they show, although there are other ways of planishing metal. I suspect that it's a must-read for you, even if you don't directly use the knowledge you find in it.
The book is about how to do the job almost entirely by hand -- if you want a machine like a continuous gutter machine, that has a strip of sheet going in one end, and curled-up mudguard blanks coming out the other, then this book will provide inspiration but not much design help. Get it anyway.
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Tim Wescott
I met a man who made aluminium mudguards (fenders) for Morgan 3 wheeler cyclecars. They are pretty much like motorcycles'. He modified a big old hand-operated cast iron clothes mangler, replacing the cylindrical rollers with specially shaped ones turned from wood.
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Americans seem to think they are they rest of the world but fenders =America, rest of the world= mudguards (English speaking world)
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F Murtz
That's just a floppy add-on piece for a fender.
I put mudflaps on my last truck, but only on the front, to keep the doors clean.
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