metal to metal contact lubricant?

Hi! I am seeking the help of someone experienced with lubricants, specifically hydrocarbons such as conosol and drakesol. I'm not a chemist or an engineer, just a knowledge seeking entrepreneur, and I'm trying my best to do research on my own and understand it, but I thought I would throw a post out there to see if anyone could explain it in simple english for me.

I'm basically interested in what the difference is between different conosols; such as conosol C-145, C-270, C-200, C-215, etc etc. My application is to lubricate metal-to-metal contact in a small piston. Endurance is a big factor (how long before it evaporates.) If anyone could help me understand this lubricant (or maybe find one better!) I would be most grateful and would do _whatever_ I can to return the favor.

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Never even heard of it, but you might try tech support at one of the major oil companies. They can be very helpful and will probably refer you to an engineer who knows the subject very well. Email listserv groups are another good source of technical expertise.

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