How to set up for cutting extractor relief cuts on barrel breech?

I have a Rockwell 21-100 mill with a head that rotates side to side.

The head on it's side will run into the table before I get the barrel in the vise on the table high enough to get the spindle parallel with the barrel.

I could cut perpendicular to the barrel, and then file out the uncut corners by hand.

I am looking at a Ruger #1 re barrel right now.


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Put the vise on a riser.


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Or mark it out with machinist's blue and file it out by hand. Sometimes hand work is faster. Could probably have gotten it done by the time you get a reply.


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If I understand, you're asking how to machine on the end of a long cylinder.

put vice in angle block so its on its side. camp part so it goes below table in front on one side of knee adjust spindle ram over part machine


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Karl Townsend

It's not a Bridgeport.

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