Kurt Vise for Clausing 8520

Its time for a new vise for my Clausing knee mill. Has anyone used a

6" Kurt on a 8520? I know a 5" would probably be the better choice but the cost is prohibitive and they rarely show up on ebay.

Thanks for the help, please reply to group Woody

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The good news is that Clones of the 3" Kurt are currently available for around a hundred bucks.

Regards, Dave

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Dave Ficken

I have an 8520 with a 5" Kurt copy and I think it is the maximun size for this mill. One thing I had to do to make it fit, was mill off the coolant trough at the rear of the vise. It would hit the column when the Y was cranked all the way in. Machining it off is easy. I clamped the vise to the mill table hanging off the rear edge. The fixed jaw was clamping on the table surface, and the movable jaw was clamping on the X table way sliding surface. The vise screw is parallel with the spindle. This allows end milling for removal of this coolant trough and I fly-cut the final amount for a nice finish. That ductile iron sure cuts nice. By the way, I bought this vise through Penn Tool. It is a copy of a Kurt 5", made by Auto-Well in Tiawain. I must profess that the quality and accuracy is excellent. I think I paid $265 a couple years ago. The Y travel on the clausing is slightly less than

5" and that is almost what that vise will open, so I conclude this is a good size for a clausing. A 6" would definately hit the column. I just want a 3" though, cause they are so cute. I gotta get out more.

--Doozer in Buffalo

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