How to untarnish brass?

I made a couple of brass cannons for Xmas and needed to make some brass chain. I found that wrapping it around a small rod and splitting the links with a Dremmel tool and cut off wheel, to be adequite. However to wrap the brass rod efficiently, I needed to heat the rod red to anneal it. Now that the chain is together, is there a solution I can dip this in to untarnish it without any rubbing? I'm sure that doing so will pull the chain apart. I tried to use emery clothe after heating to clean it but it seemed to harden again. Any ideas?

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try Louisiana Hot Sauce... found in the food,condiment isle of any food store.... it will cut the tarnish off of a penny in about 2 minutes, will probably cut the tarnish off of any metal...

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I'm by far from anything that might be called a chemist, but if memory serves me right Hydrochloric acid removes the tarnish pretty good. Just dip it in there for a few seconds, then rinse with some clean water, let dry, whala. Once again, this is going back from my highschool chem classes, so my mind might be a bit tarnished by now...

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Lynn Amick

On Thu, 27 Nov 2003 07:21:57 GMT, WF wrote: Try vinegar and salt .Make a saturate solution.If you want it paste add flower.rinse with cold water don't breath the fumes.You might still want to rub it a little if you want it shine.A piece of light wool fabric and tooth paste will do and rinse with cold watre.Tinker

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