Hydraulic press height

I have the HF 20 ton press that I am adapting to press brake use. It
seems to me to be much too low - the die is about 32" from the floor.
I'm thinking of adding extensions to the side members to raise it about
10". There'd be no hydraulic forces on these extensions, just the
weight of the press. The only downside that I can see is that the press
will be somewhat less stable (higher center of gravity). If this is a
problem, the horizontal "feet" could be lengthened. Anybody else done
this, or can anybody think of a why-not?
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Bob Engelhardt
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Well, I added 11" extensions to the sides and it is much better. It could actually be a little higher - when you're eyeballing the punch on your scribed bend line it is still a matter of stooping. I shoulda' done a mock-up first to get the best height. Next time I'll get it right(er).
Thanks for the comments, Bob
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Bob Engelhardt

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