I'm so ashamed

Just heard today (in the press) that a certain large blue
company is sending some programming jobs overseas to India.
About 5000 of them, to be exact.
This is one time I'd be happy to be shown wrong.
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jim rozen
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They had previously (3-4 mo. ago) announced plans to move a total of about 12,000 (IIRC) technical jobs over a period of a couple of years.
And all the "outmoded" manufacturing people are to be retrained as ... what?
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Fred R
Don't worry, Jim. In either the Wall Street Journal or The Economist over the last couple of days, they reported that some of those jobs actually are going to China...
Ed Huntress
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Ed Huntress
The bean counters strike again. This country is going, going, g..........
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Last I looked, Itty Bitty Machines was declining to comment on the story.
Maybe It's false; the other alleged name, "I've Been Moved," would have to go in favor of "My Job's Been Moved." MJBM simply hasn't got the same ring to it.
Good luck to you.
Al Moore
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Alan Moore
If this keeps up, who is going to buy the $ 500,000 homes in Westchester ? One of these days, the houses in Orange County and associated region, that went for 40,000 15 years ago and now fetch 300,000 are going to collapse. Since 9/11/01, the amount of people moving out of NYC is mind boggling. These commuters think a 3-4 hour commute per day is good. A bad day is 5-6 hours. I'd rather live in a trailer, work for Walmart and go fishing and hunting than be a commuter. The only good jobs left in NY are government, tax based jobs. Can't see this ship out of control going on forever. I've been thinking like this for many years but the ship keeps going............. I must be too conservative and too cautious of any long term debt.
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Kevin Carney
"Fred R" wrote in news:g6ODb.6913$ snipped-for-privacy@fe3.columbus.rr.com:
Don't look for help from the current party in power. They've outsourced fundraising for the Republican party to India!
And don't look for help from the previous party in power. They pushed for, and got, NAFTA. Perot was right about the "sucking sound".
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That has been the rumor around Rochseter, Mn aaand Austin for the past year. Lots of Big Blue programmers have been nurvous for some time.
The one that takes the cake though is the state labor department that outsourced their unemployment compensation administration to India putting several hundred local employees out of work.
jim rozen wrote:
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Glenn Ashmore
--Remember the "I" in IBM stands for "International". They don't have a preference for one nation over another...
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Nobody cares...let's start sending some Congress and Senate jobs to India---THEN the poop will hit the whirley-gig!
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Tom Gardner
Not just an US problem
Canadian companies and International companies based in Canada are sending jobs to all corners of the world and it's been going on for years.
Makes you wonder how our grandchildren will make a decent living doesn't it? Huge student loans and nothing to look forward to but a Mac job.
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That is quite true. That company always did have a large overseas presence. I guess I would not be so red-faced if I knew that they were simply *hiring* more programmers because the work load was high. But I wonder if the purported savings are going to come at some domestic price....
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jim rozen
We bailed out of AOL (for my wife's account) when our technical problems wound up on a help desk in India. Nothing against the Indians, but our people have to eat too.
Jimbo wrote:
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Marv Soloff
Of course they will.
Even if no layoffs here (yeah right) there will be no/fewer new hires. Oh and now the R&D jobs are going there too.
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Thirsty Viking
And who's going to be rich enough to BUY McBurgers?
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Tom Gardner
On Wed, 17 Dec 2003 21:31:41 GMT, "Tom Gardner" brought forth from the murky depths:
That's right. That would show some scary:
1) The job could be done by anyone in the the general population of any old country.
2) The job could be handled by someone making $600 rupees/wk ($35/weekUSD) rather than $158,000USD per year. (The $158k is 50% higher than they made in 1990 since they gave themselves raises for LACK OF UNITY, unfinished bills, 5,000 PORKBARREL riders, etc. every year.)
3) The job could be performed with much higher morale and a better moral attitude than is currently being shown.
4) The job could be handled efficiently with MUCH less pork.
and last but not at all least,
5) It would show us just how badly we're getting bent over by our own government.
God Bless America and Flush the CONgress.
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