I need a very small T-slot cutter

I need to cut a metric t-slot with a max "T" width of 12.5mm and a max slot
width of 8mm; the height of the "T" should be (approx) 6mm.
Unfortunately, metric tooling is difficult to find here in the US (not to
mention expensive) and I have not been able to locate a single US source of
metric t-slot cutters. Therefore, I considered using a small English-sized
cutter and taking multiple cuts to reach my desired dimensions. But the
smallest commonly available t-slot cutter is 1/4" (bolt size) which has a
cutting diameter of 9/16" (14.3mm).
Does anyone know where I can find a metric t-slot cutter or a small English
t-slot cutter that will fit my needs?
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Buy it from overseas or buy the nearest one over what you need and take it to a cutter grinding shop to have it cut down to the size you need.
For overseas sources try
formatting link
You might also look for a source in Canada (mostly metrified) or Australia (pretty much metrified). KBC Tools would be a good bet.
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones
Try searching under "Woodruff Key Cutter" and you will find smaller tools than what you have already encountered.
My experience shows that "T-slot Cutters" are designed with teeth that cut alternately high/low, with each tooth cutting on two edges. The woodruff key cutters don't side cut but do have some relief on the edges so they can clean up sides without scuffing. I have used them in the past to make T-slots, after the slot had been well roughed-out beforehand.
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jim rozen
formatting link

For a custom ground cutter.
No affiliation, just a satisfied customer. They made a small custom T slot cutter near that size for me in the past. Along with other custom cutters. Same day delivery in most cases. (for me)
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Pete Logghe
I can buy you one on Friday 8 August, from Hahn & Kolb here in Stuttgart, Germany. You can use PayPal if you want some confidence in the transaction. 7 to 10 days via USPS Priority mail. They go for about 23 to 25 Euros. Let me know if you want more details.
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Jim Brown
Hello Jim,
Thank you very much. However, I've decided--for now at least--to try modifying an endmill for this task per a suggestion from Larry Twaits. I have some cheap endmills from Russia that I don't feel the least bit bad about subjecting to the grinder. :P
So I'll pass for now. But I really do appreciate your genereous offer to assist me
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Regards, Michael
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if you have access to a lathe and a grinder make your own to whatever size you want from I think you call it drill steel we in aus call it silver steel then harden and temper it to dark straw color hope this helps It was a lot cheaper when I did it than buying one or getting one reground silver in aus
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