I Want To Build A Lawn Vacuum

I remember this topic was discussed a couple of years ago, but I want to add a powered vacuum to my JD lawn tractor, primarily to suck up leaves. I want to use the existing deck and let the blades mulch the leaves. I see that Northern (low end) up through Dr. (Big bux) sells systems like what I want, but I already have a good sized trailer - just need to build a light-weight housing to increase the capacity.

My hope is that there is someone who sells an engine/blower with the hoses and deck adapter that I can add on to my trailer. I?ve looked into buying the stuff as ?replacement parts? for the existing systems, but the cost seems to be close to the entire system. Is there someplace that sells these specifically as a DIY for rcm-types? Oh, yeah - a twig chopper on the blower would be pretty much mandatory for my location, as well. And I don't need a bagger, as I have plenty of places to dump the compost-to-be.

Thanks, Joe

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I have an older 5hp unit on my 48" mower deck, works well as long as the leaves are DRY. Wet or even dew damp leaves will clog incessantly.

I looked at the parts cost vs the complete assembly. You want the engine, the hoses, the deck adapter, and the mount but not the trailer. Northern has this typical complete package for $950

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want everything in the package except the trailer and the canvas over the trailer. But Northern also sells the same 500 pound capacity trailer for $71, toss in $30 for the canvas. Net: 85% of the cost of a new unit is for components that you want/need. How about buying the whole rig, sell the el-cheapo trailer that comes with it?

If you want to go cheap you need to do is f> I remember this topic was discussed a couple of years ago, but I want to

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Get a used leaf blower, 5hp would be good, 8 even better. And with a

*steel* fan/impeller, some are plastic. Check the yellow pages for "hoses" and buy the 6" vacuum hose. I paid about $7 a foot and well worth it. I use mine hand-held (not from a mower deck) and the biggest problem is sticks creating clogs in the hose. With the mower breaking them up it shouldn't be a problem. Once they get down the hose, the vac impeller minces them nicely.

HTH, Bob

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Bob Engelhardt

Just buy the big Agri-Fab tow Chip-n-Vac that Northern sells. Unless you have most of the parts kicking around already, like lots of sheet metal, the engine, etc. it's not economical to try to reinvent one.

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Pete C.

Check these guys out:

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. We sell their stuff- it's very good, but not cheap.


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