Improving my chain hoist setup

As I posted earlier, my chain hoist is hanging off about 2 inch "T" beam, which is screwed into three ceiling joists with 5/16" about 5" long lag screws, from underneath. There are six lag screws, two per joist.

A point was raised that I need to buy and put in the attic a wooden member of sorts, parallel to the steel T beam, and use it to support the steel T beam. The lag screws are insufficient. The wooden member would distribute the load in a safe manner across multiple joists.

I completely agree with it now and want to discuss details.

I would like to buy a 6x6", maybe 6-8 feet, wooden beam. I would also buy 7/16" threaded rod, nylon locked nuts, put the threaded rod through the wooden beam and the T beam, and tighten the nuts.

I would use 2 7/16" threaded rods, close to the point of attachment for the hoist, in a diagonal pattern. (one 1" to the southeast of the point and another 1" to northwest, metaphorically speaking)

Would I be correct in assuming that the strength of the threaded rod is way above what I need? I am confident that I will never attempt to hoist anything above one ton in weight.

There is a wall about 4 feet away, that supports the joists.


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