Irwin Circular Saw blades for thick steel

At a chain hardware store today I saw Irwin Circular Saw blades for steel. According the the counter droid any normal wood type saw will do, steel can be inches thick with the high saw speed and lack of coolant/cutting fluid no problem. The little detail produced by google is:

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Has anyone have any experience with these, are they sheet metal only or can I save on a metal cutting bandsaw?



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John Campbell
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Tenryu makes the Steelpro blades

Morse makes the Metal Devil blades.

Matsushita makes their own version.

Yes they all work, just wear lots of protection. Hot chips fly all over the place and hurt like hell on exposed skin.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

I've wondered about this, too.

Is there any difference (such as RPM) between a metal cutting circle saw (such as Porter Cable) and a regular wood saw with a metal cutting blade?

I was recently tempted to buy a Porter Cable saw for something over $300 bucks. But I already have an extra heavy duty 8 1/4" Bondage and Discipline saw...


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Vernon Tuck

The difference is that the dedicated steel cutting saws will cut heavier materiel and the baldes will last a lot longer. The blades cost about $50 each, and it just isn't worth sharpening them.

I have a Skill77 wormdrive with a steelpro blade in it. Works great.

The dedicated steel saws are much better at not showering you with hot chips.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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