Is there a source for leather belts for old machines?

Maybe there is a better way, maybe the flat automotive belts will work. I have a 6" AMMCO Shaper and I have the nice flat pulley as well. SO I really like to use the original system. I have v belts now and everything works, it just doesn't look as nice w/o the flat pulleys and belts. Any advise is appreciated....Peter

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I get mine from the local industrial belting place. IIRC McMaster also has them. Lots of old machines out there even today. Farm supply might be another source, depending where you are and what's available.

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According to PeterM :

So -- you have the older AMMCO shaper -- 6" instead of the 7" which is later and got picked up by Rockwell/Delta (my model). Mine has standard V-belt pulleys (from the factory), but I can understand wanting to maintain the original pulley and belt style on yours.

First off -- check with Scott Logan. He supplies flat belts for some of the older Logan lathes. (He posts a FAQ here every two weeks or so, so you can get his e-mail address.)

Second -- where do you live? I understand that the Amish (in Pennsylvania) still make flat belts to order.

Third -- is there still a Tandy Leather (or anything like that) near you? Pick up a couple of pieces of raw belt stock, do a tapered glue splice to join them at one end, and then read up on the lacing splice for the other end (check the old South Bend "How to Run a Lathe" manuals, they show how to do that.

Finally -- you can use the multi-V belts used as modern automotive fan belts if you flip them inside out, so the flat surface contacts the pulleys. If you can't find one the right length (I think most are too long), it is time to try your hand at the lacing splice technique with that.

Good Luck, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

Do a search for the past couple of week's posts. Someone listed a web site where they had flat belts, both endless and spliced, if I remember.

Bruce in Bangkok (brucepaigeatgmaildotcom)

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McMaster Carr sells a variety. I'm fond of the three-layer nylon reinforced kind. They also sell the "gator grip" splices.


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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh

Long leather machinery drive belts were /are normally glued over a 1ft length thats been tapered. The glue currently used is an impact rubber adhesive. Much more flexible thanthe fish/bone glues of old. As for width, Ive seen them up to 18in wide driving some heavy machinery at the Hagen Industrial museum Nr. Essen in Germany. Also there they had leather belts that were also taper joined but stitched with leather thonging. these were 4in wide. I currently use the rubber reinforced with cotton/rayon to run a saw bench from a farm tractor. But on a Denbeigh Pillar drill stand( some 6ft high) I used some nylon seat belt type webbing 2in wide as the drive belt with belt stick on the inside to prevent slip. To join I used 2 pieces of 1/2in wide by 1/8in thick by 2in long plates with 3 small bolts and nuts to clamp the belt together. These platesare at rt angles to the belt itself. This is made in continious lengths up to 100 yds long. you dont say what width you need for your shaper? I do have some new leather traction engine drive belting put by. Its

1/4in thick by 6in wide in rolls of 20 ft. Ive been slitting it to 2in width to use a belts to go with the silver buckles I make.

Ted Frater Dorset UK.

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Ted Frater

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E. Walter Le Roy

Try McMaster-Carr . They have just about anything mechanical or electrical.

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Mike Swift

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