Is there a way to glue aluminum?

Forgive the dumb question, but I don't do much with metal working.
I'd like to use epoxy or some other kind of glue to attach a piece of
aluminum square tubing inside a piece of Aluminum angle iron. Ideally,
it would be a structural bond, but if it only holds it long enough for
me to drill holes between the two pieces, that would be ok.
Basically, I need the holes to be exactly aligned, and was hoping to
glue them together to avoid a lot of clamps while I drill.
I'm open to other ideas as well. I don't think tape is going to do the
job though.
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And also, forgive me for not doing a google search.. I found what I need. Sorry to interupt your group.
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double sided carpet tape is often used for this sort of thing. Quite strong too.
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I use superglue for exactly that sort of application. When working with metal/plastic, sometimes you need to lightly sand the surfaces. Using super glue takes lots of experience (especially to avoid getting stuck to things).
Afterwards, you can scrape it off with a utility knife or whatever.
Good luck.
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