Jet JVM-1 Vertical Mill 9x42

Anyone on the group own one of these? I am just curious on any opinions. I just ordered one with an Anilam DRO and powerfeed. I got the 16 speed model w/ the 230v 3 phase motor. Thanks, Steve

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I bought one in the mid 1980's. Nice machine and I wish I never sold it when I moved.

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Richard W.

I bought one new in 1987. My first mill was a small horizontal production mill. So this could qualify as a first mill. It's been OK, I still have it. Wear wise, I think it is on the third set of bearings in the Top of the headstock, for the step pulleys. And the drive gear that engages the quill spline wore out. And a set motor bearings. Overall it has held up pretty well over the years.

It now has ball screws including an EZ Trak plus CNC conversion. Before the EZ trak I had a digital readout. Since my time is always in demand, I do not consider that a luxury, just an essential investment. Two other great additions were a power drawbar, and an inverter drive. Both were worth every penny. Can't think of too much else. Pete

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