Anilam Digital Readout Unit

My Bridgeport has a DRO made by Anilam, it is a Mini Wizard model 102-2.

The basic x/y function works but I do not think the Test/Reset and keypad with other functions are working correctly as the display just blinks when these buttons are pressed.

Does anyone have a manual they could scan for me please?

Thanks Ian

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It's cold......

I have to switch on my Anilam then warm it with a fan heater, switch it off then on again, if it shows a flashing set of zeroes with only one decimal point then I hit test, and it stops flashing and is O.K.. after it gets started it seems to keep itself warm enough.

Works first time for about 9 months in the year... When I need overalls to keep me warm..... the Anilam plays up

Hope this helps.


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Jonathan Barnes

I have a newall and it worked fine from may till september, then after it had been off for a week I switched it on and it had what looks like the top half of

0's, or fives, all along both rows. continually pressing buttons I eventually got some numbers, but not much sense. It was pretty cold and damp so I left it on and the next day it was working fine, i haven't switched it off since. I was thinking about it today, well i now have a dehumidifier in there and it's nice and dry i was going to switch it off but I will wait till I know I don't need it for a few days.

-- richard

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Pretty normal for LCD's to stop displaying properly at low temperature, LED displays don't seem as bad. Black tube or fan assisted greehouses heaters are pretty good, if you keep the temp above 10c everything should be fine.

-- Steve Blackmore

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Steve Blackmore

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