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I could proceed with the reassembly of my neighbor's side by side UTV
without finding more problems . I'm not sure if I've posted about this ,
the machine is a HiSun 700 , apparently a clone of a Yamaha (Rhino?) .
His grandkids used it to tow round bales of hay out to their horses - at
about 700 pounds each . The result was a stripped set of bevel gears ,
and they're buried deep in the guts of this thing .
On to today's problem . Got all the gears , gaskets , and bearings
and started reassembly of the drive bevel and discovered that one of the
bolts that holds the gear assembly to the case is stripped . Looks like
another week or so delay waiting for the helicoil kit to arrive so I can
proceed . Which puts us right smack in the middle of the first real cold
spell here , with lows well below freezing .
A well insulated and heated 40 x 60 shop building sure would be nice
about now . I'd have room to park my truck while I'm attending to the
never-ending details of catching up on 5 years of near-total neglect by
my lazy son .
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I'm sorry. I can't help you. My shop is the wrong size at 50 x 60 and while it is insulated I wouldn't call it "well" insulated.
I can tell you it wouldn't help. You grow to fill the space you have.
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Bob La Londe
I've experienced that ... at my age I was figuring that by the time it got full it would be someone elses problem .
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Bob La Londe

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