Ali MIG/GMAW 27m swaths w twin Cat C32 V12's

Hi Dave and anyone interested

Earlier part of this year worked welding Ali "SWATH's". SWATH = Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull

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Amazing things. Sole use (?) servicing offshore windfarms - which are serious electricity power-producers here. Can carry ****-all cargo atabout 50Tonnes of things like compressors, generators, etc., max., for the maintenance crew - but cruise is twice the "Froude hull-speed" of 12kt. ie. they break free of the "Froude" generalities. Big cabin below bridge tells of main function - taking technicians to the windfarms - quite a lot of - so big saving. Twin Caterpillar C32's - the V12 diesel - gives that speed.

Cascades of detail include - the SWATH design with thin "blade" hulls at the waterline means that "very limited" cargo capacity, but also means very little motion with the waves for people transferring over the bow onto the wind-turbines.

Was inspiring working with them.

Being Ali, lot of welding. Thin light Ali design needs lots of stiffeners. So lot of welding, and Ali MIG/GMAW notoriously technical.

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