kill File the broken record !!

Top posted for the convenience of not having to read this trolling
dweeb's drivel below:
You're a broken record.
Buzz off.
kc7cc probably isn't a troll, and aside from some
off-topic political junk hasn't been posting drivel.
He or she has a bit of monomania about building a cheap
Mono ? no it has two engines , 2 props ..
and formats his or her posts rather loosely, but
otherwise seems harmless.
Harmless ?
Of course , im not a taxing liberal democrat ,
jobless homeless , is car-less , but legislature will
raise property taxes , not lower them ..
Does that make sense ? fewer people pay , gotta bring
in same revenue . to pay the same legislators ...
a bit of hope , legislature must pay highly for the poor vote
in a big city , in a econo-dive , they will be paid less and less
til their "vote" is manditory and worthless .
After a few years of poverty , all legislatures have ears
for a Ronald Reagan or Arnold Swartzeneger ..
But all the "tax" shy , left , are producing in another country .
The countryside is different . Its not so anonymous .
vote to raise salaries for police and fire , and you face a
angry crowd . Even school districts are backing down ..
I was too close to a big city , I paid 40% of my land
taxes to a "community college"
who promptly bankrupted ABC trade school et al .
Its all going to fall , but it will take another 5 years to
reap benefits of a weak govt , lower real taxes .
In the meantime , we will all learn to find new opportunities.
Airplanes are not bad . We have govt control of this industry ,
thus its corrupt . Remember Cessna , lawyers drank their
blood for years , then C' told congress , we're quiting ...
Congress stopped liability in one day !
The rich will buy my airplanes , cause they're practical ,
but ill sell them from another country , thanks to those
in uniform , protecting America from competition ....?
The thing lacking in airplanes is affordable , high performance
engines , try using a Chevy V8 in an airplane !
Or even a Subaru flat 6 , there is NOT enough takeoff
power . Even turbo will destroy the crankshaft in 1/2 hour .
But Yamaha R1 has 100 reliable H.P. for takeoff
and can cruise at 10 H.P. with the highest economy ,
cause it can reduce compression ratio by retarding the
intake closing . Atkinsons cycle ( WIKI it )
Its hard to follow ....
Due to the unique crankshaft design of the Atkinson,
the expansion ratio may differ from the compression ratio.
-----kc7cc : crank not necessary , use common engine , and simply
retard intake closing
... Atkinson cycle, where the power stroke is longer than the
compression stroke, is increasing in popularity due to the increase in
fuel economy it provides.
kc7cc , retarding intake closing ...
IS increasing the power stroke to compression
stroke , And reducing the CHT and reducing heat stress
on exhaust valves and reducing the heat lost out the pipe .
We were taught to inc compression ratio to inc power ,
but no one mentioned the waste of fuel !
If you drop a 5:1 compression , 800 c.i. V8 cylinder ,
all aluminum block into your Chevy P.U. , it will start
with a tiny battery and make far
less noise than ever . It will develope "diesel" like pulling
power .
with only 80 H.P. at 1800 RPM .
Back to Yamaha . Its rotating/recip' mass is
for 14,000 RPM ,
so if ya lower RPM to 7500 RPM ya can get
very good economy .
Better than any other 100 lb aluminum
block airplane engine
As you retard intake valve closing , you have less
manifold vacum and can run carb wide open .
This is method used by Honda to get 120 MPG .
Wide open , then coast . but while its wide open
no pumping losses and carb is very lean ..
BTW Electronics ... game box Nentendo DSL . Chineese
sell a card with a MICRO SD ,, 4 GB . about $20 .
A hackers delite , BIOS is the best . It has WIFI 802.11 b .
lacks nothing to become the replacement for your Cell Phone .
But since voice is a step backward , future communications
will use all graphics . And youll never pay any phone company
again ... Typically you'll have a high powered WIFI radio
on your roof top .
Hams are allowed to modify radios and
inc the transmitter output power on a few of
the USA channels . is it 2 thru 6 ?
World record is 150 kilometers .
Electronics has reaches the end . You will use HDD for the
next 100 years , no changes .
LCD displays will be used 100 years ahead , same techno .
400 vdc MOSFETs (Too much capacitance) and
IGBTs ( Vce-sat) will die . ..
the line freq may increase . Id like to see 400 cycles .
There will be NO electric cars ,
only electric trains .
The squeeze i see is satellite owners ! starving , offered to
link to WIFI . They have no options !
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Most that post off-topic political rants here are just wanting attention. Nobody on the street would give them the time of day, but they feel they have a captive audience (I guess on their screen it looks that way...)
"Buzz off" is mild...
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