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I'm in the process of setting up and adjusting an ancient (1940 vintage) 12 X 36 Clausing lathe. One problem I have with toolpost stability is the lack of adjustment in the retaining bar that holds the far side of the saddle down.

The saddle runs on a V on the near side and a flat on the far side, while the tailstock does the opposite. The retaining piece that holds the far side of the saddle down is a simple bar retained by two bolts. There doesn't seem to be any adjustment.

Making even moderate interrupted cuts I can feel the far side of the saddle lifting about 10 thou or so. I'm thinking of machining a quarter of an inch off this bar and fitting a gib with three adjusting screws and locknuts, but I'm wondering how this system worked properly in the first place. Is this just decades of wear requiring compensation?

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John Ings
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It doesn't bolt up, it bolts sideways to an overhang of the saddle. That's why I was wondering what their thinking was.

It is a mite, but not as much as the play I'm seeing.

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John Ings

Check to see if the bolts are in slotted holes, to allow for adjustment. I've had one lathe like that, ISTR there were some grubscrews involved somewhere to make the adjustment positive.

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This sounds like the carriage gib on my Clausing (a 12x24" model

5418 from about 1957). Have you called Clausing to order a manual for the lathe? They will want the model number and serial number, and will charge a nominal fee for a photocopied manual which documents your lathe.

Hmm ... it is kind of difficult to tell with mine from the manual. There are some extra screws which might be for the purpose. But mine is tight enough still so I haven't yet investigated this part of its design.

The rear gib looks like just a chunk of square stock held on by a couple of scrws through the back of the casting.

Good Luck, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

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