New - Aluminum & Titanium

Two new items have just arrived at K&K: Aluminum Extrusions and Chunks
of Titanium. We have contracted with a large volume user of Aluminum
Extrusions to essentially work out of their inventory and offer their
wide range of extruded shapes in small volumes - anything UPSable. In
addition to that, we have just come across a bucket full of Chunks of
Titanium. They are square corners trimmed off of plates. Each chunk is
a right triangle roughly 4-1/2" side x 4-1/2" side x 6-1/2" hyp x
3-1/2" thk x 6.2#. We're still trying to find out grade, or if that
info is even available. Hopefully we'll have that info by Tuesday the
22nd. More info about the Aluminum Extrusions can be found at
formatting link
and a picture of the Titanium Chuncks can
be viewed at
formatting link
The availability of the
Aluminum Extrusions is an ongoing situation. But the 30 or so pieces
of Titanium is facing a very limited life - regardless of how many
pieces of Titanium K&K moves, the balance will be going to a recycler
in about 4 weeks.
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