Learning metalworking at home

Hi. I would like to learn metalworking at home. How much realistically will I need to spend $$$, and what exactly will I really need to get started? Are any of those kits worth looking at, or are those scams? Please also suggest a good book or 2.


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Lewis Lang
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What would you like to build?

C Morrill

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Charles Morrill

A nice little plasma generator....


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Note that the address information is forged. I have seen several personal attacks on this individual in rec.photo.digital.slr-systems, though I have never seen him post there (for my short time on that newsgroup).

And this particular article, while posted to rec.crafts.metalworking had followups set to rec.photo.digital and rec.photo.equipment.35mm *only*, to maximize confusion.

I've left those newsgroups in my answer along with adding rec.crafts.metalworking back. But I'll set "Followup-To: " to rec.crafts.metalworking only, so we can discuss it here, after letting the other two (rec.photo.*) newsgroups know what is happening. I've seen two articles as followups here in rec.crafts.metalworking. The first of those two was posted from Earthlink with a newreader called "Unison/1.5.2" which apparently don't understand the "Followup-To: " header. and replied just in rec.crafts.metalworking. The second is a followup to that one, so it also stayed in rec.crafts.metalworking. I don't know how many others may have been posted from rec.crafts.metalworking with newsreaders which will blindly dump things just into the other two newsgroups.

Hopefully, this will inform those here to avoid that problem, at least.

Anyway -- this is *not* a real request. It is designed to make trouble for somebody -- and I don't know why he is being targeted. (Perhaps he annoyed HipCrime?)

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

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