Anyone Know of a Calibration Shop?

Hi, guys... good to see everyone is still around, although I miss the
Pete and Miss Jaime debates.. And rryker's tinfoil beanie
Anyhow, I was wondering if anybody knows of a (reputable, fairly
quick, reasonable)calibration shop, where my work could send standards
for mics?
1-24 inches. Last time, the place was slow, and you and I both know
how that hurts production, and there was debate as to how accurate they
really were.
I'm located in northeast nevada, so Salt Lake or further west would be
the best..
Thanks in advance, Ron

P.S. Who won the election? LOL
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I use Techmaster in Bellevue, Washington 425-702-9356 -- so do many of the companies around here. I'm certain there must be wonderful calibration shops in Southern California and probably Northern too, but I don't know that area well.
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Grant Erwin
I used a shop here on the East coast last month. They did a lousy job. My 12" caliper came back several thou off, so I won't give you the address.
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Try here, He services our shop. Northwest Metrology 3040 H Street Bakersfield, CA 93301
Toll Free 1-800-828-6297 Phone 661-863-0158 Fax 661-633-1808 Frank
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Franklin Newton
That's the reason I'm asking, Bugs.. Last shop that did the mics/ standards came out to .013" off... it'd be nice to know if it was the standard or the mic. of course I can adjust the mic, but how do I know is the standard is right ? Ron
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