Lincoln Squarewave 200 update

Well, I've been using this welder for some pretty challenging (for me at least) jobs recently and am even more impressed with it. I don't
know if its operation is typical to modern inverter welders but boy is the welder a pleasure to use. I had to weld up a 2.375 dia. x .5 long bore in an aluminum casting that I had bored oversize in order to remachine it. With my old Miller Gold Start welder welding AC at 200 amps and a 3/32 electrode the end of the tungsten would get pretty soft and if I dipped the tungsten in the aluminum I would invaraibly need to grind out the tungnsten left in the aluminum before machining. And of course the tungsten electrode would have been super contaminated, requiring the removal of about 1/2 inch. With the Lincoln at the same amperage and doing the same job I dipped the tungsten twice. And the machine just stopped delivering power. I was able to just lift the tungsten off of the weld and start welding again. Of course the square wave and the AC balance let me put more heat into the work and less into the electrode so the elctrode doesn't get nearly as hot. But that immediate shut down upon contact with the work amazed me. Then yesterday I was welding thin 304 and using the pulse feature to keep heat input down. I am still getting used to using the pulse instead of the pedal the way I would do with the old Miller. And I like it. I welded the 304 from both sides but didn't use a back purge. The lower heat input allowed me to avoid any sugaring on the back side of the parts. The welder comes with a gas cooled torch but not gas lenses. So I bought gas lenses, cups, and collets when I bought the welder. I don't generally like gas cooled torches because of the bulky size. But I noticed that because the gas lens screen sits so far back in the gas cooled cup it is not getting any weld splatter on it. I think I won't be needing to replace the lens for much longer than my normal. And speaking of gas lenses, I am so impressed that sometimes when you need to the tungsten can be hung waaay out of the cup. I was welding some stainless yesterday in a tight spot and had to hang the tungsten out at least 5/8 inch. No problems with discoloration of either the tungsten or the HAZ. Both were bright after the gas flow stopped. Eric
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