Loc-Line "Hardware"

I use the heck out of the flexible coolant line and nozzles. I'm looking for the "best price" for a decent amount to have stock on hand. I am aware that there are a couple different import manufacturers that are quite inexpensive. I have some from a couple of them. It works just fine, but they are not all exactly the same size for the ball and socket. (One I have is the same as Loc-Line, but I don't recall where it came from.) Anyway as I build or setup new machines I need to setup more and more nozzles. I know some folks like coolant rings or various rigid nozzle setups, but I like the flexible coolant nozzles so I can quickly adjust to any cutting conditions without running high volume pumps on my relatively small coolant tanks.

Anyway, going forward I'd like to keep nozzles and flex line fairly consistent. The only way I am pretty sure about how to do that is to stick with one brand of flex line.

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Bob La Londe
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