looking for info on "shop fox" line of machine tools

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Does anyone have hands on experence with the following combination lathe-mill? Strong points? Weak points?

In particular does it have power cross feed?

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F. George McDuffee
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On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 13:11:42 -0600, the inscrutable F. George McDuffee spake:

While I can't answer your question, I do have one of Shop Fox' woodworking tools, the hollow chisel mortiser, and it's a great machine. Shop Fox tools are like better-tuned Grizzly machines.

Personally, though, I always opt for separate machines. If one dies and has to be sent away for repair (smaller machines), the rest are still there and usable. With a combo machine, the whole shop is dead.

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Larry Jaques

The dealer should know about the cross feed. That dealer is getting a lot of interest in his machinery.. I've seen quite a few other posts lately about their stuff. If the machine had power feed, they would most likely mention it.. it's not mentioned as a feature of their 12x36 lathe either.

By looking at the picture, it looks like a basic 12x36" (or almost 40") with the added mill assembly.. but it seems that the mill capability is very limited to the size and position limits of the small cross table. My guess is that someone wanted to try to add profit to the lathe by adding an attachment (and a not-very-practical one at that). The center-bed located mill attachment is somewhat more practical than the usual headstock mounted mill head on 3in1 machines, but the workpiece table is too small unless someone only needs to make small parts. I suspect that the 3-15/16" tailstock ram travel is a misprint or an exaggeration. About 2" of usable travel might be more realistic.

If there were a way to mill reasonable lengths in the longitudinal direction with power feed, it would be a more practical reason for having the attachment. I've looked at quite a few 3in1 machines that have really small tables for attaching the workpiece, and limited range of movement (either hand or power feed). Consider a full-sized mill with a 8x12 table, yikes. When looking at multi-purpose machines, it might be worthwhile to decide what can be mounted to the workpiece table.. a rotary table, a solid milling vise, a spin indexer and/or other workholding accessories, to contemplate if the machine is going to be versatile enough for many types of operations. Otherwise, it might only be suitable for certain small parts. This machine's lathe/mill capabilities look to be unusually out-of-proportion. The cross table looks to be about 4x10". It has decent lathe capabilities, but very limited in milling. You'd be able to turn fairly large parts, but then setting up the big parts for milling additional features on those parts would be a (big) problem.

If the designers(?) would manufacture an accessory to utilize the longitudinal feed for milling longer pieces, they'd be making a decent improvement. I'd have to consider a removable sled (secured to avoid lift, and free to travel) to ride the ways to support a longer/wider mill table. Cross feed positioning would/might be problematic with a modification like this.

The mill spindle is 3MT, but R8 would be a more economical approach as far as the user adding tooling and accessories.

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Wild Bill

The beasty looks very much like the old Emco (not Enco) lathe mill. Which wasnt a bad machine for its type.

However...unless you are limited to a hall closet...get seperate units. You will be much much happer.


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==================== We have two Emco Compact 10s at the college. These are change gear machines. Work well for light duty projects.

Liked the long center distance for possible gun smithing work.

Table travel of the mill appears adequate.

Still would like power crossfeed and if possible power downfeed for the mill.

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F. George McDuffee

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My recollection is that the Shop Fox line is simply Grizzly's line which they make available through other dealers.


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John Horner

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