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I have a friend looking for a used Bridgeport vertical mill or something similar. Fargo, ND area or within reasonable distance, 500 miles for the right machine. No junk, must be useable. Greg

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Greg O
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I've been wanting to upgrade from R8 to taper 40 tooling. To help afford a new machine, I'd like to sell my biridgy. But only after i locate another unit. If you're not in a huge hurry, I'm just south of St. Cloud, MN.

Email me off list karltowsendembarqmail.com


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Karl Townsend

How "good" a Bridgeport does he want? There's a company in Roberts Wisconsin that rebuilds them and, from what I have seen, does a fine job. They don't sell any J heads, only newer ones, at least having variable speed. They offer power drawbars, DRO's, etc. They even have EZ Traks from time to time (sigh). I've been there 2 or 3 times and they had several to choose from each time. It's like going to a candy store. A friend of mine bought a pretty much "fully loaded" one from them a couple of years ago and is happy with it. Not cheap, but good.

A & D Machine Tool Rebuilding Inc. Phone: 715-749-3065. 105 Packer Dr, Roberts, WI 54023

Roberts WI is about 20 miles east of the east edge of St. Paul MN, so I think it's within your travel radius.

Pete Stanaitis


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