Making lathe milling attachment on a mill

I would really like to make a milling attachment for my lathe, using my mill. I am in search of tips and pointers. I am going to check if HF sells milling bits etc. I will try to do something this weekend.

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HF does not carry milling bits. And, if they did, I doubt they'd be very good (my rule, as a long and loyal HF customer is, never buy anything with an edge on it; it won't have one for long...). MSC sells good quality bits at good prices with fairly fast delivery.


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Jerry Foster

Am I missing something here?

Or are you just looking for a doodle project?

In which case, I'd look at the Gingery series, basically take a slab of CRS, bolt it to a flat plane, square (more or less) to the other slides, mount a carriage and leadscrew on it with table for the work and you're done.


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Tim Williams

..or an electrical plug ;)

it won't have one for long...).

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Rex B

Every HF store I've been in carries sets of common end-milling cutters. Many are TiN plated (big deal ... NOT!). But I agree that their quality is highly suspect at best.

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Daniel A. Mitchell

He wants to get rid of his new minty Clausing mill. So he has to make a flimsy and flexible, not particularly good for much. milling attachment to replace it.



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I've been taking a machine shop class this semester and I got to do learning on both a real mill and a milling attachment on a lathe. The attachment was absolutely infuriating--the worst part about it was that I couldn't lock the carriage so sometimes while cutting it would push (or worse, pull!) the piece, carriage, milling setup. Wound up giving up on the thing once it shifted, snapped off a mill and did all it could to lodge it into my forehead. POINTER: If you go through with this, make sure to also rig up some sort of locking system. Or shields. And get a ton of practice on your mill while you have it so you know what's going wrong when your attachment starts misbehaving. TIP: Might spend time building a shed to house the mill instead of making a substitute. Probably cost you less, work better, and be safer in the long run.

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That's my guess, or he wants to sell the mill later maybe? Nothing wrong with doodle projects though. You know, "I'm building a tool holder to hold the tools that I need to make a tool holder with" kind of things.

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Dave Hinz

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