Medium high pressure compressor needed

We have a pneumatic lift that runs at 300psi or a bit more, running off a nitrogen bottle and regulator for mobile use. For shop use, the nitrogen gets fairly expensive just to avoid dragging out the jack. Any ideas on a somewhat inexpensive compressor setup tht would put out say

300 psi at perhaps 1 cfm (more or less)? I looked at
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hoping for some off beat unit, nope. Grainger and McMaster just show standard 125 psi single stage, 175 psi two stage units and most of those are pretty high volume and quite high horsepower requirements. Suggestions????

Before anyone launches off, we do use a high pressure hose with line shutoffs to handle the pressure. Standard hose is usually rated at 200 psi max, quick disconnect fittings at the same, just not up to these pressures. If we build our own setup, the fittings will need to be something tougher than copper.

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Consider a SCUBA tank. Typical air fill is $10 and it's clean dry air at

3,300 PSI (80cf typically). You should be able to use your existing regulator if it can handle 3,300 PSI input and just buy a high pressure yolk to connect to the SCUBA "K" valve.
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Pete C.

If you already have an air compressor, you can get an intensifier, basically an air-driven air compressor. It consists mostly of two different-size air double-acting cylinders with a common rod, some check valves and a control valve. So, they are much cheaper than an air compressor.


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Jon Elson

Get a refrigeration compressor and connect it to a storage tank. Refrigeration compressors can easily give you 300PSI. The tank should be sized to allow a minimum of three complete cycles before the compressor cuts in, that way you don't have any delay waiting for the small volume compressor , it also gives you a safety factor if the compressor is inadvertently unplugged.


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If you try a refrigeration compressor, feed the input from your shop compressor so it only has to go from ~100 psi to 300, not all the way from 0. They may be able to do 300 psi output pressures but that's with a suction pressure of maybe 30-70 psi; the actual compression ratio isn't that stunning. A company called Haskell makes pneumatic amplifier pumps like someone else described. I've worked with their really high pressure units that amplify 300:1 and top out at 15,000 psi and they were quality stuff. They have smaller units as well, and these were common in the scuba world as "jammers" to top off aluminum tanks to 3000 psi after the standard compressor sized for steel tanks got them to 2200 psi. Anyway, it's a name to search for in the surplus world.

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How would you keep it lubed?

A company called Haskell makes pneumatic amplifier

I got one that goes to 9000 psi to fill paintball tanks with. Be warned that these things use a lot of air.

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