Metalkworking things in Phoenix

I stand a good chance of spending two months or more in Phoenix
starting next week. I was wondering if the locals could help me out
with friendly metalworking stores, cool things to see, etc....
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Captiol Metals has a nice showroom, 48th street north of Southern.
If any interest, there's a store called Woodworker's Source that's pretty cool.
What're ya doing here in Phoenix?
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---------------------------------------------------- Look up the Maricopa Live Steamers Phone 623 386 5737 or
formatting link

Donald Warner
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I'm doing a short term software contract. I am pretty busy during the week, but my weekends will be free.
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If you like Airplanes and aircraft engines, the Pima Air Museum down in Tucson is extremely cool. They have aircraft from fabric and wood through an SR71. They have a really nice powered, cutaway version of a radial engine that usually gets half an hour of my time every time I see it and I have been going there for a few years. They have a number of jet engines for close up perusal. As its coming close to the hot season, early in the day is the best time to see the place since a lot of it is outside.
Pima is about an hour and a half drive from Phoenix. Go south/east on I10 to Tucson and take the Valencia Rd exit. It's pretty well marked.
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Been there and it is really cool. This is one place that the jet race started - The base trained WWII fighter pilots - some of which - one - broke the sound barrier... :-)
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