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We have a task at work that involves putting 0-80 holes thru 1/8 polycarbonate. (Lexan is a brand name) Lots of holes.

12/part times 100 parts.

I have a sweet little tapper that goes to 0-80, and it does its job of limiting the torque, but it is difficult to control, even with a smaller drill press, due to the leverage of the handle, and the mass of the quill.

I wonder if anyone in here knows of a sensitive feed unit that might work well with a small tapper. That way, you could feed the tapper up and down with just your fingertips.

I'd prefer to do this on the cheap. I considered that I could rig up a teeny little CNC rigid tapper, but this is a bit more time and money than I care to invest.


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Find someone who has a Fastap.(sp?) I think the outfit that made them was or is in Arizona and would still make them to order. But, I'm over 50 and the memory....uhhh, what was I saying?


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I've used a Procunier 1E tapping head for #0-80 holes and had great success. I think they go around $500 new, if a used one isn't available. I got mine from a used machinery dealer for about two hundred.

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