mill vise recommendation?

I have a Jet mill/drill. It came with an adjustable-angle vise that is pretty close to useless: it sticks up pretty high over the table, and it is about impossible to get it square in two out of the three axes.

I understand that for the best rigidity and accuracy I need to clamp pieces directly to the table. But since this is just a mill/drill, a lot of what I'm doing is relatively small and light work on soft materials, so a vise often works fine.

I would like to get a better quality vise for milling. Can anyone help me with specific recommendations of manufacturers or models to prefer or avoid?


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Walter Harley
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Grant Erwin

--Kurt makes the best 4" vise around, but they're pricey. Probably cost as much as the bench mill if bought new. Look for used or reconditioned 4" Kurts?

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I believe these come in several different sizes. I have the large one, JMD-18 and I use a 6 inch kurt vise. Best decision I could have made. That vise is awesome. Even though I have smaller knee mills, I still find myself using the mill/drill a lot because it has the large vise.


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Charles A. Sherwood

This is the key. To get one which is suqare you are going to have to ante up. I have a 6" swivel base which cost me $380, but it is square. I don't know the brand, but it comes through an outfit in Reno. I buy through Murray Industrial Supply in Sacramento. They should be able to give you some info. 1-800-477-1985, ask for Bruce. The catalogue numbers are 76-229 through 76-232 for 4" through 8".

Bob S.

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Robert Scibienski

I've got a used 4" Kurt. Gonna keep using it, too! :~)

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TTC makes a Kurt knock off, with the spherical/wedge clamping and moveable jaws. Swivel base comes off. I just got an older one, and it seems to be well made, but haven't made chips w/ it. Travers has it new, the 4" for $150. David

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David Malicky

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