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any one know who to send an email with a modified time stamp? in a
bind and need to cover my behind
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If you have plans for a time-machine (mechanical), you are free to post them here.
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Nick Mueller
Change your computer time. Send E-mail. Reset your computer t correct time.
Nick Mueller wrote:
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Joseph Crabtree
The header, however, may tell a different story... /mark
Joseph Crabtree wrote:
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Mark F
Sure, that'll work... as long as nobody checks the headers.
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Steve Ackman
Change the clock on your system and give it a test. But, each hop that it goes through puts it's own timestamp in the headers and that you can't do a thing about. Best you can hope for is the email gets seen as delayed by the first hop outside your system.
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Dave Hinz
Sorry: Hand them the big paddle, Bend over, Grab your ankles...
You can set your computer's clock to read anything you want when you send the message off, but the mail servers along the way will put their own timestamps in the headers. If the recipient doesn't look at the headers at all, that might be enough.
But don't count on it - if they do look it's easy to spot, plus you just perjured yourself and gave them written proof. It'll be easier on you to admit it than to get caught in a bald-faced lie.
Unless you can get the Mail System Sysop at your ISP to jigger the system clocks for you, there's no way that will stand up to any real scrutiny. And even then, the timestamp from the next intermediate server along the path will not agree.
And if you try to fake an "Undeliverable Mail" bounce message and say it never went through, it better be a really good job. If the recipient wants to call the ISP's along the way and check their system logs against the headers, that story will blow up.
"Gee, we don't have a server using that name or at that IP."
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Bruce L. Bergman
just change the clock naturally.
Might have to re-boot to be sure.
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