More machines than I want

Nice to see that Google is in it's normal state of non operation again. The bigger the company, the more often they screw up.

However: Coming in tomorrow, and I'm just out of room now, Boyar Schultz surface grinder, 6(I think) X 18, with electromagnetic chuck, built in, (I think) dust collector. Milwaukee area, won't ship, you pick up, _might_ be able to get a fork truck. I had to take a package with a 9" SB that I want, don't have room for the grinder. Answer here if interested, I'll email good addy. NONE OF THE ONES THAT GUMMER OR PET HAVE IS ANY GOOD. So many emails from "microsoft" in the lycos box, I don't look at them, massive delete.

That is, if Google ever gets their act together, what I'm looking at tonight is exactly what I was looking at last night.

Price will be less than $600. Just want to get what I had to spend extra out of it.

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It's a 6 x 18 Boyar Shultz Challenger, had dust collector built in to the cabinet, flexible hose from shield to the collector missing, or maybe rotted off. Mag Na Loc electromagnetic chuck, also 6 X 18. Got it home, sitting on pallet. Has "one shot" oiler for the table, no idea if anything works.

Anyhoo, $450 takes it, you pick up.

Answer here if interested, lycos addy is useless, all virusii, I just empty everything. (But then, windoze is a virus itself.)

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