Need Excello VS Head Info

For some time now I have been getting noise from the variable speed
mechanism on my Excello 602 mill. This is similar to the vari drive
arrangement used in Bridgeports. After disassembling it I believe I
found the problems.
First is worn sleeve bearings on the moveable cone, on the motor side.
The shaft mics. 1.489, a bastard size (37.8 mm). I don't know if
this is the "factory" size, or was ground down in the past. Any way
it looks like I will need to modify standard bearings to fix this
problem. I will also need a non-metallic key, 3/8 sq. x 1 3/4.
Second is worn bearings in the driven (spindle side) cone. This
consists of 2 plastic like bearings strips that are about .040 thick x
1/2 wide. These fit into recesses in the bore of the cone and ride
on a 1.550 (39.3 mm) shaft. I will also need a non-metallic key, 1/4
sq. x 1 3/4.
I have not yet contacted Excello to see if any of these parts are
available. Only one of the keys is shown in their parts manual. I
plan to contact a local bearing house to see if they can help locate
the keys or bearings.
Anyone here have any experience with this mill head or any idea where
these parts can be found?
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