New Drone Video of Fukushima Nuclear Station 4-15-11

Here's the latest flyover vid of Fukushima.
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I am unsure as to which reactors are shown in what order in the vid.
But, as you can see, the damage is total. This is going to take a
super human clean up effort.
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Yeah, I found that out as a 10 year old when I put a balloon filled with dilute hydrogen in our hot water heater & lit a fire underneath it.
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There is no need for alarm. The situation is under control. The radiation leaks are minimal. Do not believe any propaganda you may have heard. The threat to humans is not measurable. The situation will be rectified in a short time.
Newspeak, Your Government
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Steve B
The hair was ok, I held the door shut with a block of wood. It certainly cleaned all the loose rust out of the chimney.
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It starts out at #4, cuts to #3 for a moment, then a long look at #1, and finally back to #3 for about the last half.
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Jon Elson
I'm not sure the kids these days (at least down under in Oz) have the fun we did as kids.
One day my old man came racing home from the shops (2 blocks away) after we let off a match box bomb to see what had happened. Our neighbours must have hated us kids.
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