New tool gloats & questions

I just aquired a few new tools.....
A Sheldon EXL 44 and a
Unimat 3 lathe/drill press/table saw/sander/ will a bunch of tooling for the
unimat. Including two or three of the little precision vises.
With the sheldon lathe I wouldn't have a whole bunch of use for the unimat.
A couple guys at work want to buy from me. At first I didn;t want to sell
it, but know I'm thinking I could use the money to tool up the sheldon lathe
really nice. New toolpost and cutters and what not.
I would also like to hear any goods and or bads on effective yet fairly
cheap DRO's.
What would be a fair price for the unimat. Very good condition . Original
wooden box, owners manual, a lot of attatchments, and a nice base that the
previous owner made. Has 3 jaw chuck and a 4 jaw chuck.
ps. The sheldon is circa 1953 and you can see all the scaping check marks
still. The old man I got it from said he bought from the origianl owner 30
years ago he has used maybe 6 times in those 30 years and the guy before him
did one small production run of some widget he made. It's beautiful.....
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Phew - mine is still there :-)
I have an L-44 (marketing name on plate) way number (the real number(options)) TLWQ10406 .....10" # 406
I think the Q is quick change gear box, L is ? long bed (44" is length of ways not from the spindle to tail stock. Ways are under the headstock...
If you need any information - send me a line - might have the information already.
Dad and I bought it in '52 - well I helped kick the tires and asked funny questions.
Nice machine - have way oil all over it - and that keeps the moisture off.
MIke wrote:
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Martin H. Eastburn
If you like making things, have a look at this for your dro
formatting link
have no connection with it, but its on my list for my lathe, gets good reviews and support on the associated yahoo group.
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john johnson

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